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Governor Brown releases 2017-2018 Budget Proposal

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today, Governor Jerry Brown released his $179.5 billion budget proposal for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year (FY) during an 11 AM press conference at the California State Capitol. The Governor’s budget proposes $122.5 billion in spending from the General Fund, the state’s main checkbook for major departments and programs. The proposal reflects an anticipated deficit of nearly $2 billion, with a revenue shortfall of $5.8 billion.  The deficit would be “billions worse” if Californians had not passed Proposition 52 (hospital fee), Proposition 57 (prison reform), and the revenues for AFSCME California endorsed Proposition 56 (tobacco tax) and Proposition 55’s extension of temporary income tax rates.

In the coming weeks, the budget review process will begin in the State Assembly Budget Committee and Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. Immediately following these initial meetings, the budget subcommittees of each house will begin to meet to determine any funding changes to the Governor’s proposal. We will send a notices once the dates, times, and locations of the hearings have been announced.

Affiliate Budget Review: Over the next few days, we are encouraging our leaders to visit to review the sections of the budget that directly impact our members. After clicking on the “Summary” link under the “Governor’s Proposed Budget” column of the budget homepage, you will have the ability to find the links to summaries of the issue areas and departments that pertain to the members you may represent. In most cases, there are only about five pages that you need to review. If you would like to view a more detailed report of the sections of the budget that lays out positions and expenditures that pertain to your issue areas, you can do so under the “Detail” link.

To ensure that our affiliates are adequately prepared for advocacy efforts during the budget process, AFSCME California is requesting that affiliates submit any funding priorities and requested changes to the budget to the Sacramento office no later than January 31st by the close of business.

In-District Budget Team Meetings:  Over the next few weeks, Political Action will be working with our affiliates and locals to fully analyze the Governor’s Budget. Our office, as always, intends to be a resource during this process, but we are encouraging affiliates to take the lead in engaging members in meetings with legislators in their districts in the coming weeks.

In Sacramento, our office is available to affiliate leaders, political and legislative directors for meetings with budget committee leadership and is located directly across from the State Capitol for convenience.

Full List of Budget Summaries and Analyses: To assist with this process by reviewing the links below which provide summaries and/or analysis of the Governor’s Budget. Please note that it may take a few days for the analyses to be posted to these sites given the proposed budget’s recent release.

Summaries of Governor’s Budget:

  • Legislative Analyst’s Office –A non-partisan summary and analysis of the FY 2015-2016 Budget Proposal. Visit  

Additional information and relevant analyses:

  • County Welfare Directors Association of California: The best analysis of the proposed budget’s impact on the state’s 58 counties. 
  • California Budget and Policy Center: A strong, independent fiscal analysis of the impact of the Governor’s budget and tax policies on low and middle-income Californians. 
  • Western Center on Law & Poverty: A solid analysis of the budget’s impact on California’s social safety net programs such as TANF. 
  • League of California Cities: The only analysis of the proposed budget’s impact on California’s cities. 

Additional resources:  

  • Association of California School Administrators 

 If you need additional information or resources, feel free to contact our AFSCME California Political Action office at (916) 441-1570. 

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