2017 AFSCME CA Legislative Scorecard is Live

The 2017 AFSCME Legislative Scorecard is live!

To view the scorecard, hover over the Legislative Scorecard section of the menu. Then click on the name of each section (direct links are also provided by clicking on the name of the section below):

AFSCME California’s 2017 comprehensive scorecard is designed to provide our members with a record of their legislator’s performance on AFSCME California’s priority legislation during the 2017 legislative year. Our union’s scorecard is also meant to inform you about the legislative and mobilization efforts of the AFSCME’s affiliates in California- and our national union’s continued fight to preserve the rights of public employees, working families and our communities.

We rely on our scorecard to hold our legislators accountable for their votes on measures that directly affect AFSCME members. As we face a critical juncture leading up to the pending decision of Janus v. AFSCME, elected officials’ commitment to championing the concerns of working people that provide the vital services our state depends on to thrive is now more pertinent than ever. This scorecard serves as one of the many ways that AFSCME holds legislators accountable for their performance and vote record on legislation that protects and advocates for AFSCME members.

Each Assembly Member and Senator has been scored based on their vote record on AFSCME priority legislation in policy and/or fiscal committees and on the Assembly or Senate floor. Legislators may sit on a multitude of different committees, and therefore each have a varying number of total opportunities to vote on AFSCME’s priority legislation. Legislators who voted against AFSCME priorities—voting against or abstaining from our sponsored legislation, or voting for our opposed legislation—have lower scores. Excused absences were not included in a legislator’s total number of opportunities to vote.