SB 1040 : In-home supportive services: natural disaster.

In the October 2017 North Bay fires, a lack of appropriate protocols for the IHSS recipients displaced in emergency shelters left some individuals without appropriate care for personal services. After recognizing the struggle this caused IHSS recipents and providers, UDW and Senator Bill Dodd (D- Napa) worked together to author a solution. 

The California Department of Social Services recently issued a CMIPS advisory in response to a state of emergency, providing for expedited protocols for provider paycheck replacement in a declared state of emergency. SB 1040 codifies the recent CMIPS Advisory so that any time there is a declared state of emergency, there will be a process in place for providers to get replacement paychecks in an expedited manner. This legislation was authored in hopes that the instability experienced during the Napa/Sonoma fires can be avoided in future.

After passing through the State Legislature with unanimous support, Governor Brown signed the bill into law on September 26, 2018.