SB 234: Family daycare homes

California is currently facing a large shortage in accessible, regulated childcare. In response, UDW, the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network, and the Child Care Law Center co-sponsored SB 234 to eliminate barriers for large family daycare home providers. The bill, authored by Senator Nancy Skinner, requires that all large family daycare homes that care for up to 14 children be classified as a residential use of property for the purposes of local ordinances.

Under existing law, large daycare homes that are not classified as a residential use of property may be subject to licensing and fees from local governments who classify them as businesses. This severely diminishes the profitability for operators of family daycare homes who, as a result, will be less likely to open their home to more children. SB 234 addresses the need to break down barriers which block access to family daycare homes to more children. Additionally, it recognizes that family daycare providers deserve the ability to earn a living and not be subject to unfair provisions which strip them of their ability to conduct their invaluable work.

The bill was signed into law by Governor Newsom on September 5th.