SB 363: Workplace safety

Currently, data of violent incidents in the Department of State Hospitals, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Department of Developmental Services sites is not readily available. Data is not reported consistently for incidents of assaults on hospital staff by inmates or patients in the state hospitals or developmental centers.

In order to increase and ensure safety for our employees at these facilities, we first need a comprehensive assessment of where violent incidents occur, how often, and to whom. Stakeholders and state agencies should be provided data reports on a monthly basis and specific data should be included.

This bill, sponsored by AFSCME and authored by Senator Pan, requires any facility operated by the State Department of State Hospitals, the State Department of Developmental Services, or the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to report the total number of violent incidents assaults against employees at each facility operated by the respective department monthly to the bargaining unit of an employee affected by an assault. It would also require that each department report this information to the Legislature and the chairs of certain committees annually.

SB 363 was vetoed by Governor Newsom on October 13th.