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AFSCME members are on the front lines, doing what we always do: putting our communities first. And the American public needs to hear our stories.  

Send us a short cell phone video of you on the job that shows how you’re serving the community during the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to submit your video. 

State of California COVID-19 Resources
Local Government COVID-19 Resources

AFSCME International COVID-19 Resources

AFSCME California is committed to doing everything possible to support members and safeguard public health in this time of crisis. Every time there’s a national crisis, public service workers answer the call, even when it means throwing themselves into the line of fire.

Thank you for continuing to do your jobs, protect your neighbors and strengthen your communities. Nurses and health care workers, education and child care workers, corrections officers and custodians, first responders and waste management workers, in particular, are on the very front lines.  

AFSCME International has put together a resource webpage that can answer many of your questions about COVID-19 (the coronavirus). It includes links to state and local health departments, essential tips about symptoms and prevention, industry-by-industry guidance, and much more.

Additionally, you can find links to state and local news and resources below, so that you can better keep your family safe. The next several weeks, and perhaps months, won’t be easy. But we will get through it, and AFSCME members will show the way. Thank you for always rising to the moment when your communities need you the most.